We don't cook nothing out of a can or a bag at our BBQ joint! All our products are made from scratch in house except the Beasley Smokehouse Sausage, Alsum's Sweet Corn, and Colonial Bakery buns. The Beasley Sausage is imported in from my favorite local sausage maker back in Buna, Texas. All are meats are smoked to perfection on our own custom barbecue pit. We support the local folks here as well with the most awesome sweet corn we have ever tasted from Alsum's Sweet Corn in Randolph, WI., and Colonial Bakery buns from Madison, a family owned and operated bakery that still uses Grandpa's hard-roll recipe.


Buy these products in our restaurant frozen and ready to heat and eat!



  • Boudain

  • Original Beasley Smokehouse Sausage

    • Green Onion Beasley Smokehouse Sausage
  • Brisket
    • Chopped 
  • Fresh Baked - Our famous Maw Maw's Buttermilk Whole Pie

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What is "real Texas BBQ"?image

REAL TEXAS STYLE BBQ can only be achieved by slowly cooking meats at low temperatures with lots of smoke from real Hickory, Cherry and Apple logs. The flame does not come in contact with our meat thus enhancing the natural meat flavor.

Double S BBQ takes the time to cook our Brisket up to 12 hours of mouth watering perfection in our special designed smoker.

Of course, as we smoke our meats we baste them with our own secret sauces for added flavor. Please do not confuse this sauce with BBQ sauce! We believe that our meats have the flavor without the BBQ sauce! This process is designed to seal in the juices of our delicious meats at the same time give them that good ol' hickory smoked flavor.

Please note, however, that our cooking process produces a "reddish-pinkish" color in our meats, especially in the chicken and pork ribs. This is the same color of smoked ham and does not mean that the meat is undercooked.

Once you have tried Double S BBQ, we think you will agree that it is the finest available anywhere.

What is Boudain?


Boudain sausage is one of the most classic Cajun dishes of all time and you might say it is a Cajun version of a bratwurst. The commonly known Louisiana Boudain (BOO-dahn) is Acadian through and through, traditionally made as a way to stretch the meat and feed more mouths. The old Creole versions were more along the lines of the traditional French, made with pork and rice which is still plentiful in Louisiana.

Double S traditional version of boudain sausage is a mouth-watering blend of cooked pork, rice, Cajun spices, seasonings, green onions, bell peppers, parsley and other fresh ingredients all stuffed into a natural pork sausage casing and served piping hot.

In Louisiana it is not uncommon for people to eat boudain for breakfast (mixed with scrambled eggs), lunch or anytime of day as a special treat. It's especially good on a cold winter day when you want to spice things up a bit. Boudain sausage also makes a great appetizer or party food. You can make a delicious dip or use as a stuffing in poultry, pork chops or venison. The most popular way is to grill or smoke the boudain like a Bratwurst at tailgating parties and barbecues.

If you're looking for a new twist on our classic favorite you'll love our boudain balls. These pre-breaded bite sized balls are perfect in your fryer or oven and make perfect appetizers for parties and events.

Double S Boudain available in sausage links, bulk and boudain balls all sold by the pound.

What is Brisket?


Brisket is a beef cut taken from the breast section beneath the first five ribs, behind the foreshank.

Fresh brisket is an inexpensive boneless cut that requires long, slow cooking to break down the collagen in the connective muscle tissues achieve tenderness. The long piece is cut in half for marketing. You'll find it sold as a flat cut or a point cut. The flat cut is leaner, but the point cut has more flavor due to a bit of extra fat (called the deckel).