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Testimonials & Endorsements


quotation from a happy Double S BBQ customer "The class was very informative and enjoyable and of course the food was amazing. Shortly after taking the class, I purchased a smoker which I now use for most of my grilling, including tailgates during the football season. Thanks for sharing your knowledge."

~ Chad Sigl Recreation Director, City of Fitchburg

quotation from a happy Double S BBQ customer "Double S BBQ supplied our event with their incredible beef brisket and pork ribs. The people attending our event were asking where the food came from because they said that they hadn't tasted such good food (both the brisket and ribs). The brisket and ribs disappeared quickly and we were sorry that we had to tell people that we had run out and they would have to try the other food provided by fine restaurants around Madison, Wisconsin. Next year, I know that we will order more and people will come early to make sure they can get some of doublessbbq's brisket and ribs.

Double S BBQ's brisket and ribs were so good and the rib meet just fell off the bones and the brisket was incredibly tender. Both had wonderful flavor and a very nice hint of smoke without over powering the other flavors derived from the spices as well as the meet itself. I would highly recommend them for any event where you want to supply quality food."

~ Bruce Woods

quotation from a happy Focus on Energy New Homes homeowner "Shon taught a BBQ class and it was a great success! We made everything from Drunk Chicken to Brisket and it was all outstanding. Shon's is a True Pitmaster who cooks real Texas BBQ and you don't need sauce when the meat tastes this good."

~ Tony King Recreation Assistant, Fitchburg Recreation Department